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If you want to see a castle that tops Versailles visit Peles Castle. A posh looking castle on the outside and full of goodies on the inside. Enjoy a well documented guide tour and see great, different architecture on each of the 170 rooms.

Experience Romania’s  beauty in a one or two day drive from Bucharest to Brasov in your Dollar Rent A Car car. Go on a road trip adventure, and be mesmerized with breathtaking mountain views at Transfagarasan Highway. Pay close attention, since there are animals like cattle and sheep walking in the road.


Go for a majestic experience, see a well preserved town with small streets and interesting stone buildings at Mdina Old City. City is rich in history and has superb views of the island from Bastion Square.

Go for a drive in your Dollar Rent A Car car to Mellieha Beach. Relax, swim or have a drink in sunny Malta. Enjoy this small beautiful sandy beach and soak in the sun for a couple hours. Or go for snorkeling off shore and see many creatures.


Appreciate Islamic art, take your Dollar Rent A Car car to Doha and stop at the beautiful Museum of Islamic Art. Be ready to spend a couple hours and see art pieces from various periods. Checkout the many copies of the Koran, weapons, jewelry and carpets. Be sure not to miss a display on Muhammad Ali.

Go for a drive, get out of Doha and experience the sandy and beautiful beach at Khor Al Udeid. Have fun, go sand dunning, fishing and enjoy an unforgettable view of sky full of stars at night.

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