Innovative Ways to Wear Pearls That Can Help You Make a Style Statement

Pearls have been a favourite for making various jewellery pieces since time immemorial. Pearls can be worn in numerous creative ways to make a style statement. They reflect elegance and sophistication and may be worn in a variety of ways.

Innovative ways to wear your pearls

 There are many innovative ways to use pearls. Few of them include:

Pearls in multiple strands

 Pearl necklaces with multiple strands give a classical look. Strands of varying lengths look unique can be used to enhance the appeal of various outfits. You can also tie pearl chains of same length for a dramatic look. Pearls of contrasting colours may be used for various strands.

Statement pearls

 Pearls can also be worn as a statement accessory creatively. Pairing them with satin ribbons for necklaces and Victorian style brooches can help in creating a vintage look. Akoya pearls are best suited to be worn as statement pearls.

Pearls as hair ornaments

 Pearls can innovatively be used as hair accessories. Pearl studded hairpins and beads may be used for making various types of hairdos. This provides a creative way for using pearls.


Pearls on the body

 Pearls are highly versatile and can easily be worn on different parts of the body. They can be worn as navel, eyebrow and nose rings. They can also be worn around the neck as choker necklaces.

Unique ways to use pearls

 There are some extremely unique ways in which pearls may be used. These include:

  • Pearls can be paired with other types of jewellery for a unique look.
  • Crushed pearls have exfoliating and nourishing properties and may be used as skin lotion.
  • Different types of pearl jewellery may be used innovatively.
  • Pearls may also be used on clothing and neckties.

Pearls look extremely elegant and may be worn in a variety of ways. You can exercise your creativity to wear them stylishly.