Looking For Fashion Jewellery? Don’t Miss These Trends!

Fashion jewellery is all about experimenting, and there are endless styles, designs, and trends to choose from. So, what are the current trending ideas in fashion jewellery? We have made a list for your help below.

  • Studs and hoops. Alright, these are two different styles, but if the spring and summer collections of 2016 and 2017 are anything to go by, the trends have been revived. Hoops are ideal for the formal girl, while anyone in a pair of shorts can also wear them. Studs, on the other hand, are often dainty and delicate. If you cannot afford diamonds, check online, and you will find varied faux designs.
  • Chunky neckpieces. It’s no secret that statement neckpieces are back in trend, but for 2018, you may see more of the larger designs. These are neckpieces that you can spot from a mile away, and the designs as unique as chalk and cheese. Pick something that’s studded in rhinestones and gemstones or go for something that’s more edgy and comes with metal detailing – the choice is yours.

  • Oversized earrings. For a while, delicate danglers were quite in vogue, but since last year, big and oversized earrings have made a splash on the runways. If you see some of the designer looks, you will realize that matching the earrings with the outfits is not an essential thing anymore. These are standalone accessories that can add flavour and style to any outfit of any colour.
  • Stacked rings. This might seem like an old trend, but the idea of wearing many rings on all fingers is a fun one. You can wear rings on the knuckles, in the middle of your finger or can even stack one over the other. Stacked fashion rings can be purchased in bulk online too, and given that the current year is about to end, you will find many items on sale.
  • Afghan earrings. If you look at the trends in India, you will realize that Afghan earrings and neckpieces are a rage at the moment. There are numerous colours and styles to choose from, including mirror statement earrings, which are huge and almost touch the shoulder. Afghan earrings started trending a while back when many leading celebrities were seen adorning them on and off screen. You can also go for something in oxidized metal.

Next year, you can also expect to see a lot of chunky bracelets and hand cuffs. Cuffs work best when you stack them one over the other. The idea is to mix and match colourful designs with metal bangles, so as to create a more traditional yet tribal-inspired look. Check online now and start shopping for your closet – there’s a lot to choose from!