Simple Engagement Rings that Make a Statement

Often couples find themselves torn between spending a great deal of money on a lavish ring or saving on something more simple. Simple rings don’t necessarily mean that they would be plain. Simple rings can be both classy and elegant with their look lasting for years to come. has a gorgeous variety of simple engagement rings to suit anyone’s needs.


The solitaire is the quintessential ring design. Made up of a single stone and a metal band, it doesn’t get any more simple than a solitaire. The solitaire focuses all attention to the single stone as there are no other gems to catch the eye.

Prong and bezel type settings are incredibly common with solitaires. The type of setting can change how the ring is viewed with a prong setting displaying the stone more while with a bezel the stone is partially hidden. However, a prong setting can be snagged on clothing and is damaged far easier than a bezel.

Side Stone

Instead of one single stone that stands out, side stone settings have multiple small stones that fit into a groove around the circumference of the ring. Various side stone settings can include the bar and channel settings. The slight difference between the two is that the bar setting exposes the stone on two sides, while the channel setting has all sides secured into the groove.

This setting can protect the stones from damage, however, this makes them difficult to clean, maintain and resize. They are often used as wedding bands, or multiple rings are worn at once to create a stackable ring.

Three Stone

A design that has become increasingly popular, the three stone setting can vary from being a rather simple design to incredibly excessive. The three stone setting has three stones has the center of the ring. Usually, there are two smaller stones flanking a larger one, however, there are some designs that feature all three stones as the same size.


A setting used to make the center stone look larger than it is, the halo setting features a tight circle or square of smaller stones surrounding a larger one. This setting gives the ring more sparkle while saving money on a smaller carat stone. Halos are often paired with side stones, however an unadorned band keeps the look simple and makes the eye go straight to the beautiful stones at the center of the ring.
Engagement rings do not have to be extravagant to a make a statement. Sometimes a simple ring is all that is needed to create an elegant, timeless look.